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Default Re: Half-Life 2 Purchase Options Revealed, CS:Source Full to come out Next Week

Sounds kinda cool, I think I'll pick up the Collector's Edition since HL:S is included and I like to have a physical copy of the game (no way I'm downloading this on my 56k!). Although the soundtrack CD, hat, and DoD:S extras included with the Gold steam release are pretty tempting...I wonder if they'll send you physical CDs as well since they'd have to send you the posters and such through the mail anyway (though it sucks that it doens't have the shirt). But...what is the "Prima book sampler"?

But, this is also good news because it means the game will likely be released soon (packaging and materials are one of the first things the publisher starts making when a game is near or at Gold status). Also, this probably means there will be at least a few more content downloads through Steam before the game's release, since DoD:S and HL:S will likely be availible for preload.
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