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Default Re: Terrible 3DMark 2005 score... What's wrong?

Originally Posted by Pantherman
My system can push almost 11000 in 3DMark 03, but I can only get 3755 in 3DMark 05. I've heard that the 6800 GT should score somewhere around 4500!!! I don't think there's anything wrong with my system. I know I have a low-end Athlon 64, but I didn't think it would be THIS BAD!!!!

I have to remember that it's only a benchmark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just tossing this out there, I'm sure you probably already adhere to this testing suggestions as they're not new news...but FWIW here they are:
  • Restart the computer before running the benchmark and after making any driver/hardware changes.
  • Disable any networking connections and file sharing. Network activity may affect the tested system and its performance.
  • Close and disable any open applications and background programs, like automatic disk defragmentation.
  • Repeat each test at least three times. When using the 3DMark test repeat functionality, each test is repeated the set amount of times and the given result is the average of the repetitions. This will help to ensure that the effect that any anomalous result has on the final result is kept to a minimum.
  • Hardware comparisons should only be done with systems tested under the same settings (i.e. resolution, texture filtering mode, etc).
  • Do not attempt to initiate any other system activity while 3DMark05 is benchmarking.
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