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Default Re: Poor OpenGL performance 4 drivers, 2 kernels, 6 different configs

No no, gkrellm2 for example is not hardware demanding, (in video card terms), and yes i've tried RenderAccel, enabling and disabling in makes difference, only for 2D, but if its enabled or disabled anything that uses 2d intensively (not necessarily CPU consuming) makes 3d stutter or unusable, even without gkrellm2 for example in the desktop, 3d is slow, not "SUPER" slow like if Direct Rendering was disabled or NV-GLX being not loaded, but it's definetly slow, i've traced this problem to geforce FX cards, cuz with a MX440 or a TI everything works fine, (please note: the card is not b0rked, performs very well under Windoze and also i've tried it in other computers not with linux sadly but, works exactly the same)
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