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Default 3dmark05 score is low

I have my system and 05 mark below in my sig....people are saying 6800ultra and 3.0 P4 system w/ gig o ram like I get are getting in the 5k vacinity. What the heck gives? I going off a week old fresh install of XP all updated drivers and SP2.

I had the 61.77 and getting 4201 in the 05 marks
Asus P4C800-E v2.00 || P4 3.0E stock Thermalright 947u color changing fan! || 2 x 512mb Corsair PC3200 || WD80 S.E./Maxtor 40gb || CDRW-DVDrom || Creative Platinum 5.1 || 6800GToc 400/1.10(yay!!!) || Thermaltake 480watt PSU || Chieftech silver server w/ Side window || 3dmark05 = 5123

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