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Exclamation Happy Anniversary Half-Life 2 Release Date!

365 days ago we were led to believe Half-Life 2 would come out. 31,536,000 seconds ago Gabe Newell told us that Half-Life 2 would be here. Guess not.

Thats ok though, if anyone can recall the first Half-Life was also delayed a full year, and nobody cares anymore. One of the greatest games of all times is worth the extra wait. The wait is hard, but trust me, if its a kickass game (which I'm nearly positive it will be) everyone will forget about this whole ordeal. It seems as if.. (finally) the release date is near.

Me... I'm not nearly as hyped about it as I was 1 year ago. Hopefully they release some new media or something to get my engines going. I'm still looking forward to it's release, but not nearly as much as I was before. Am I alone here? What is everyones thoughts?

Anyone remember these?
Part I
Part II

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