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Default Re: Fatal Server Error: caught signal 8

I tried to do what u suggested, ie loaded the glx module using the /sbin/modprobe nvidia command entered as root in a terminal and it went ok. Next i edited the XFConfig file (it appearantly doesnt matter which file i pick XF86Config or xorg.conf because changes are reflected in either file) to change the driver back to "nividia"instead of "vesa". Next i noticed the following lines in the XF86Config file:

Load "glx" # 3D layer
Load "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.a"

Going for your comment i assumed that both are the same so i deleted the line ...libglx.a" and rebooted. Now the nvidia driver wouldnt load ie there was no gui. I logged in as root; entered again the /sbin/modprobe nvidia command which ran fine; exited root; logged in as user; started my desktop by entering kde and the nvidia splash screen appeared and desktop loade fine (which is where i am now).

So in the config file is still something missing, but what to do next? Also, your suggestion uses a different format then present in my XF86Config file, i assume i have to use Load instead of LoadModule, correct?

BTW i do have a wacom tablet+pen+mouse and would like to use it, but thats another issue i still have. Thanks anyway

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