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Default Re: mandrake 10.1/xorg driver error

Thanks for that thorough post. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Firstly, I had to use the command "patch -p0 < ./nv_enable_pci.txt" with the pipe instead or the patch program just sat there doing nothing. After I did that, when I ran their installer, it exited with an error that said it was unable to compile since it didn't recognize PM_POWER_SAVE (or it was something to that effect anyway.) Out of desperation, I commented out that line and the one next to it (I just assumed if one didn't work, the next wouldn't, but I did leave the default case at least. It would then compile without errors, but, it would tell me it couldn't load the module nvidia.ko and that supposedly this is most likely due to a wrong source and told me to use --kernel-source-path. Well, I knew it wasn't necessary since it was, without a doubt, using the right path, but, just in case I used that paramater and it still gave me the same error.

I'm probably just going to go back to 10.0 anyway. I've had absolutely no end of problems with 10.1. I wanted to upgrade to newer stuff such as xorg, but video card drivers are only the start of my problems...
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