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Default Re: Half-Life 2 Purchase Options Revealed, CS:Source Full to come out Next Week

Originally Posted by Omega53
I wish all publishers used software similiar to steam. I love the fact that I can download the game to any computer I own then just log on and play with no cd's needed. I think its a great idea

mmm.. i really dont like the idea of steam at all.. it can be used to charge you (pay to play) per day/per month/per computer or Cdkey. per update any bizarre way they choose.. similar to everquest when you need to pay every month to play the game. or pay more for accounts with more privileges. pay to play the single player... or pay for any MOD. what about LAN parties ? would everyone need to be looged to steam to play? most likely.. there is an interesting discussion around here about this ..

never thought the legal Fight between Valve and Vivendi was that serious.. and there is a good chance that Vivendi will lose.. since Counterstrike source will be released pretty soon by steam and Vivendi can't do anything about it ,the information everywhere is that they only control the Singleplayer part which is ->HL2. if Vivendi delay the game to pressure Valve ,they will lose more money ,since people will not wait for Hl2 and will buy the MP first. and if Vivendi announce Gold now for Hl2 ,Valve will have 3-4 weeks of advantage selling the full game first by steam accounts. all in all it doesnt look good for the gamers ,because Vivendi is a Big publisher and they have the resources to make the life of the entire project (its evolution and future) very dificult if they lose Big money with their deals.

so wait and see.. probably the multiplayer part CS source might be released as soon as next week ,or the other..and the single player will come a few weeks later online if Vivendi can't manage to stop Steam. but its doesnt look good inmho positive for gamers this legal battle ,because Valve and Vivendi fight to get more money from the gamers migh end screwing people ,migh force some of them to buy the game 2 times to have it completely.. both halfs

a side note, its new to me that Hl2 game doesnt have a multiplayer learned today that CS source is not only the multiplayer part ,(which i knew) ,but that it is the only one. which is dissapointing ..since i enjoyed Hl1 singleplayer and never liked CS mod at all.. figure that.

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