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Unhappy OpenGL bugs?/problems.. (tested in Quake3)

Alright, I have Slackware 10, kernel 2.6.81, latest stable Alsa (as of Sept. 30, 04) and newest nvidia drivers (as of sept 30, 04), Quake3 with latest update.. and everything works, even sound wheww.

My only problem is that, my fps decreases ALOT whenever there are objects that have reflective properties being rendered. I noticed in Quake3 that maps like Q3tourney1, where it has no objects or walls that have reflective properties run great and smooth. But the maps like the first level you fight against Crash, where it has that reflective mirror and the teleport area, its soo sluggish...And here is anothing thing: It only lags if im looking at those surfaces... If i turn around or just look in another area where the reflective object/wall isnt showing, fps is smooth again.

I've never had this problem with my Geforce4 MX.. So why is it showing up on my FX5200?

Some system specs (are not that good):
AthlonXP 2000 (1.67ghz)
512mb ram
PNY GeforceFX 5200 128mb AGP 8x

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