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Default Re: Half-Life 2 Purchase Options Revealed, CS:Source Full to come out Next Week

Originally Posted by Nv40
mmm.. i really dont like the idea of steam at all.. it can be used to charge you (pay to play) per day/per month/per computer or Cdkey. per update any bizarre way they choose.. similar to everquest when you need to pay every month to play the game. or pay more for accounts with more privileges..
Erm, any game is like that. They could've done that on the Half-life 1 WON networks if they wanted to. But they also know if they do that, they're going to lose most of their customers.

Originally Posted by Nv40
pay to play the single player... or pay for any MOD. what about LAN parties ? would everyone need to be looged to steam to play? most likely.. there is an interesting discussion around here about this ..
You can start Steam in offline mode, allows you to play any installed game in Single-player or on a LAN (just try to start Steam when you don't have an internet connection, it comes up with a dialog box asking if you still want to start it up offline). As long as you have all the updates, there's no reason that you'd need to be connected to the internet to play LAN or single-player. Do you really think they're release Half-life 2 in stores and then not give you a way to play the game without an internet connection?
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