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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by ultimate17
The hundred dollar gamecube dx7 or dx8 ? As crappy as most of the games are, I have to say, when they do push out a nice looking, fun game (like metroid) I swear the system has to be dx8.
Actually, neither. It isn't really comparable to PC standards, since the hardware is quite different from standard PC graphics cards (much like the PS2). It doesn't have "pixel shaders" per say, but it does have a unit that does something very similar, and while it's usually pretty limited it's also superior to normal DX8 in some ways (and because of that, the only GC emulator out there requires a DX9 card, since a DX8 card doesn't cover all the functions a GC game needs to run). Sadly the "pixel shader" unit on the GC isn't use much, but when it is it really shows (take a look at the water in Pikmin 2, it looks pretty neat). I wonder what effects RE4 certainly does look impressive coming from $100 piece of hardware.
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