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Default Re: Unresolved symbols from nvidia_drv.o (kernel headers are good)

>You were unable to use 'LoadModule Xinerama' in your config?
>Or are you saying that your distribution did not include Xinerama as a

I have a copletely home-brew system, which means I compile
all the programs and write all the init scripts myself. This is
not really difficult, but it does require a lot of free time.

At first, I compiled XFree86 without support for Xinerama because
I simply don't use it and don't need it. Endless customization and tweaking is part of the "fun" of maintaining your own Linux system.

Without the Xinerama libraries, the NVidia drivers apparently
are missing some necessary symbols. After compiling XFree86
again with Xinerama support turned on, the NVidia drivers now
work very nicely.

I don't like to rely on Linux distributions. The automatic installation
does not really allow you to understand the operation of the system.
Only the home-brew method allows the user to assume complete
control. I don't even like the fact that NVidia has an automatic
installation process, but after examing their scripts I was able to
figure out just what was happening and I performed the
installation manually, as is my preference.

Frank Peters
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