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Default Re: Happy Anniversary Half-Life 2 Release Date!

Originally Posted by Edge
But to be honest, I'm kinda hoping it DOESN'T come out the same week as Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders (currently set to be released on October 11th or so), as I've been getting hyped for that game for a while now and want to at least get SOME playtime into it before I go to Half-life 2 . But either way, my end-of-the-year schedual is pretty full, maybe it's a good thing that Stalker was pushed back.
No kidding. If it hits in late October, then I'm in trouble - there's almost no way I'll be able to finish the game by the time Halo 2 comes out. And then Metal Gear Solid 3 hits on November 15th.

At least I'll have plenty to do.
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