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Default Doom 3 re-visited

Hot damn is this a fun game! I was one of the many who played through the first hour and dumped it ....shame on me. (But give me credit for admitting my mistake) The first hour still sucks...but after that, it's all non-stop action. This game gets really good. Man...i'm so glad I re-installed it last night and gave it a shot. Funny thing is I re-installed it to use the benchmark and ended up giving it a go. Of course there are weak spots...not much of a story and lows res walls....but for what it is...a shoot-em up, kill the baddies, it's fun. And half the time your not even paying attention to the environments ...your too bust killing the monsters and worrying about what lurks around the next corner. Glad I gave it another chance. And tbh....graphically, it's still alot more impressive than 90% of what's out there.
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