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Default Re: The games you love to hate

Originally Posted by nVidi0t
Far Cry drove me insane with the damn clairvoyant mercs. They also seem to have hyper sensitive ears and super laser eye surgery which gives them night vision. I was screaming at the game half the time while playing it.
I still loved it though =)
It was hard, but I actually preferred FarCry's AI over the usual "dumb guns" in most games. Add the mercs with ESP to the fact that you can't quicksave, and I got an immense feeling of accomplishment everytime I finished a level. Hell, just reaching a checkpoint with some armor intact was a huge relief.

I have to agree on Jedi Outcast; LucasArts always has the most ridiculous & infuriating puzzles. I remember a level in Outcast where you had to reach a Star Destroyer's hyper-drive controls or something. To get there, you had to jump across this huge room filled with pillars of differing height that seemed to serve no realistic purpose whatsoever, and of course I fell a dozen times and had to do it over again.

I finally got pissed enough to yell, "Are you f*g telling me that every single time Darth Vader wants to shift into 3rd gear, a platoon of Storm Troopers has to jump from pillar to pillar, half of them falling to their deaths, just to reach the &%$ gas pedal?! Wouldn't there be a maintenance access panel or something?! None of the Star Destroyers in the movies had a %$# Chuck E. Cheeze room, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD..."

Then my wife walked in and firmly suggested I find a new game to play...

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