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Default 6800GT is no faster than old FX5900!!

WTF. I have just upgraded from an FX5900 to a 6800GT and so far there is no performance difference.
I have tried both drivers 6106 and 6111.
I have tried both NvAGP and AGPGART.
glxgears was the only app that shows an increase it doubled but only with NvAGP, with AGPGART it was more or less the same.
I have also tried xorg 0.6.8 and xfree 4.3.
Quake3 is the same 40fps at 1280x1024 4xAA 8xAF
What could I have wrong.
I have run CVS version of nvclock and the card seems to be reporting correct clock speeds 350/1000 although it says 128bit memory bus!! (should be 256bit)
The card is a Gainward 6800GT 2400 GS.
Mainboard is a MSI K8N Neo.
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