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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by Goth
One of the reason why PC gaming has a bad rep is because most PCs are sold with striped down video cards which make games look and run horrible. There is nothing like running a game on a Dell with an intergrated video card.
What's even worse is when they're like my friend's or parent's computers, where they DON'T HAVE AN AGP slot and can only allocate 8MB to the video memory! My god, even the Dreamcast was more powerful than that. So yeah, a lot of the "PCs constantly need upgrading and isn't as powerful as a console" and such talk comes from the fact that companies like Dell, Compaq, and HP ship their systems with the crappiest video and sound hardware availible. It's sad when a 6 year old console has twice as much video ram as a "modern" off-the-shelf PC, you'd think they'd actually give it hardware that matters rather than just increasnig the GHZ rating by .2 and stipping it of a video and sound card.

Oh, and I liked the Saturn. 3d was problematic but at times was still very impressive (ever see Burning Rangers or Panzer Dragoon Orta? Amazing transparency and surface effects, and that was on a system that supposedly couldn't do transparencies!), but 2d was amazing. Dragon Force>All. The only game that I got home from school to play, and then didn't stop playing until I had to go to school again the next day

Didn't like the N64 a whole lot, but I still think Perfect Dark is one of the best FPS games out there. If only they remade it for play+smooth framerate+decent controller for the game=win!
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