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I bought the game last friday, and took it back to Game on Tuesday! The best thing about this game is the graphics, it is very pretty. Trouble is the overall colouring is brown and varying shades thereof. The gameplay is very suspect and the events that happen ingame do not seem to follow a set path. Sometimes if you do what is reqd of you it will not allow you do the next bit ie: the option to carry pout the reqd task is "greyed out". If you do manage to carry it out you can't guarantee that the next bit will be available to do. The big prob here is that there is nothing ingame to tell you WHY you cant do this next bit, and you're left floundering around replaying levels again to try and find out why, then that level changes slightly and it back to square one again. Also it appears there is no save game available in SP, Skirmish is confusing to set up, multiplayer crashes (it did on mine anyway) when trying to start, the voice acting is very cheesy to say the least.
If ne1 wants to buy this game then I would suggest checking out the "haegemonia" website forums and see what peeps are saying about the game. I treally wanted to like this game, but in the end gave up and exchanged it for "age of mythology".
IMO Homeworld is still the game beat and no-one has done that yet.
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