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Default Size Matter? (5900)

I was browsing on newegg and came across this lil nugget.

Is this the same GPU that's in the original 5900's? Wow, that 2-slot fan shrunk.

I think I might need a cheap replacement. I have an old 5900 with the dustbuster fan on it and it's starting to act up. If I let it run on WinXP drivers I get vertical lines across the screen and if i load the latest forceware drivers into it, my monitor says something like "Monitor fine, PC operating outside of limits" and then the monitor turns itself off.

I can see the post screen (with lines) and the XP loading screen (no lines) but after that it goes south.

The case is a well ventillated lian-li (7 fans) and the PSU is one of those X-connect 500watt'ers.
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