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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Well... this is the worst thing ever. I thought they were saying there was going to be some revolutionary multiplayer... now we get a crappy counter strike with the same crappy graphics and a few new things.

I was hoping for some good multiplayer... but now I know it will suck.

i was thinking in the same line... the way i understood this ,CS source is a copy/paste of the original game with better graphics and maybe a few more things . and while the action is intense , never liked the buy weapon thing in a counter terrorist game. i was mostly interested in Hl2 Mp capabilities (since already was spoiled by the singleplayer beta) wich a mp was looking more promising than the original mp in Hl1. thanks to the physics engine and the Gravity gun. MP capabilities that just recently discovered doesnt exist.

means that we will need to depend from the MOd community to finish the game where they left it . just like with Doom3. its incredible that a game took soo much time ~6 years and it doesnt even ship with its own Mp .

Originally Posted by Hajile
I don't see the problem. I'm sure someone will develop a multiplayer HL2 eventually.

It's more economical if the developers were to think this way:

"What bother with the multiplayer which 99% will probably complain about, when we already have a mod community that will make one for us for FREE!"
because Counterstrike plays completely diferent than Hl. its not HL ,but a mod conversion of a counterterrorist game. so the same concept will be in Hl2. but yes , someone will do a mod for it ,but it will be better if the main developers already inlude it in their game. their skills and resources are greater.

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