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Hello Again:

Just for curiousity sake, I would hazard a guess that your name is either Hector, or Herman, unless I am sorely mistaken about male names that start with H in Portugal. Thanks for the tip! I re-installed the GLX portion of the driver files, and after re-starting Xserver, the silly screen savers have re-apppeared on my screen. What pray tell would cause conflicts with the files I had installed? I thought that the other files in the path had been renamed by the installation routine, to stop such actions? Or is this another 'feature' of the install that you know of?

I checked with glxinfo after installation and the Nvidia files are all named in the output from the utility. Is this so common that you should keep your driver files around so that you can reinstall the GLX portion on demand? I had not thought Linux would cause itself such problems! Thanks again for the information!
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