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Default using DVI port on GeForce FX-5600


for some time I've been using a the VGA port on a PixelView FX-5600
satisfactorily. Recently I tried to test a LCD-monitor via the DVI port.
I disconnected the VGA port entirely and connected the LCD to the
DVI port, expecting the graphics card to automagically detect the
the LCD and use the DVI port as the "primary" monitor, if there is
such a thing.

Well, I got no signal via the DVI port, so I reconnected a monitor to
the VGA port and still had a signal there. I then attempted to
configure XF86Config (well, Xorg.conf really) to use the DVI port.
These attempts did not meet with success.

I had hoped that I would be able to configure the "primary"
monitor using "nvidia-settings", however it doesn't even seem
to know that there is any DVI port whatsoever. All I see in
the hierarchy is "CRT-0".

Is it possible to have only a DVI-monitor connected and get
output such as BIOS POST and so-forth? Or must there always be
a monitor connected to the VGA port too?


Rob Urban
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