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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Originally Posted by Nv40
i was thinking in the same line... the way i understood this ,CS source is a copy/paste of the original game with better graphics and maybe a few more things . and while the action is intense , never liked the buy weapon thing in a counter terrorist game. i was mostly interested in Hl2 Mp capabilities (since already was spoiled by the singleplayer beta) wich a mp was looking more promising than the original mp in Hl1. thanks to the physics engine and the Gravity gun. MP capabilities that just recently discovered doesnt exist.

CS: Soruce is not really cut and paste. They took some things from Condtion Zero and from the last CS1.6 and combined them together. So its more of the best of both worlds. I know a few here are upset. But again you realize that you folks are an extremely small minority. CS has been the cash cow keeping them alive for the last 3 years. Value owns CS. I see nothing wrong with making it the MP part of HL as it still is the most popular game played on-line. Besides...Value gave us the crappy Q1 maps in HL1 as on add on; so whos to say they wont add DM/CTF later as a "add on"?
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