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Default FX5500 faster then a Geforce 3 Ti200?

So I went to Best Buy today and picked up a 5500 as a stop-gap replacement for my dieing GeForce 3 Ti200 until I can afford a 6800 (soon hopefully) from what I am reading, the 5500 is actually slower then that Ti200 in 3Dmark01? Wtf? I score a 5000 in '01 with my Ti200, and I hear talk about people scoring that with their 5500' this right?!

If so, I am taking it back....I see no reason to replace my Ti200 with a card that is actually slower. I looked at all the stats on the two cards, and it seemed like the 5500 could definatley move more vertices per clock cycle. I didn't want to spend more then about 100 bucks, considering I am just replacing this one with a 6800 in less then a month...but it seems I may have to.

(btw, this is the BFG 5500 OC, so it already comes out of the box overclocked).
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