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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

I thought DoD:S was only availible in the Gold package, then HL:S would be in the Silver package, and then all versions of it would include CS:S? And they did buy up the mods, but they still give the originals out for free. It's just that the remade Source versions are only availible with HL2. Personally, I wish they did that with Natural Selection, I'd LOVE to see a Source version of that but the development team isn't so sure that they're going to port it. Oh, and it really wouldn't suprise me if they made DoD:S availible to all versions of the game later on. If it's only availible in a certain package, not many people are going to play it.

Though now that I think about it, I'm almost wondering if they didn't make a normal HL2 Deathmatch BECAUSE of the game mechanics of the game. I mean things like the physics gun are really cool, but in an online environment Lag could be an absolute killer to those physics, not to mention balancing issues with it. Still, the more I think about it the more I think it would've been nice if they could've just added a few DM levels and HL2 weapons and called it a multiplayer mode, but it still seems like it would get really old, really quick.
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