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Default Re: HL2 review, 96% in PCG UK

Originally Posted by Omega53
Ill be in navy bootcamp
I can come by and drop a copy off to you. =) Just work on getting a decent laptop for yourself

Originally Posted by Edge
Hmm, late november...actually that works out perfectly for me, since I'll probably be playing Kingdom Under Fire until November 9th, and then Halo 2 until November 26th .

And 19 hours isn't too bad. That's longer than Doom 3, and from the look of it actually has varied environments rather than just endless corridors! But remember that the people who beat it in 19 hours were fairly dedicated game reviewers, Valve was probably giving the "average gamer's completion time" when they said it would take 40 hours. Kinda like how they were saying that FF7 was a "70 hour RPG", yet I beat it in 35, or how the back of the Soul Reaver box touts "40 hours of gameplay", yet I beat it in 12 hours and got the rest of the optional stuff in another 4.

Although I hope they release the SDK for it soon, if for no other reason than to get some multiplayer mods out there (not a big fan of CS:S).
Is Kingdom under Fire out yet? I've had my eye on that game for almost a year...looks incredible! I also dont mind the late November date, between Halo 2 on 11/9, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault 11/10 ( based on the assumption it isn't delayed a 4th time in 2 years) and Lotr: Battle for middle earth in the middle Of november...i'll be a busy gamer. As long as this game ships By Dec. 1st, I'm happy.

Also, I realize these mag guys are running through the game rapidly just to beat it and get a review out, but that's my point...when they did that in Doom took them 23 hours...HL2 took them 19...that bothers me...but at the same point, I'll take what I can get...bring it on!
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