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Default FS: PC Games, Cable Modem, Xaser Case, Evap tower, Force Feedback Wheel, Gamepads,etc

Still Available

-= Next, the evaporative tower itself =-

6" PVC body, sanded, primed, painted, and 'finished'. Tons of liquid nails holding it together (well, not 'tons' - 3 tubes total, and plumbers goop, too). Quite leak-proof.

The tubing can be removed, but it is fairly integrated into the body of it, so I wouldn't unless you feel like repainting. The tubing from the bottom to the pump is 1/2" inner-diameter. The tubing that would run from the inside of the computer to the shower head on top is 3/8" inner-diameter. Basically, fit for the Swiftech parts I used with it. It has a 120mm fan in the top of it blowing out. Sounds like a running stream and glows red, can you beat that? Oh, and gives *stable* overclocks of an AthlonXP '2600+' (2.09 ghz) @ 2.8 ghz at only 38C idle / 43C under load with ambient temps of 30C.

Asking price is $60 shipped (heck, it's $40 in parts, and took me weeks to build! Still, I'll take offers).

-= Force Feedback Wheel =-

Saitek R440 Racing Force Wheel (force feedback)
As seen here.

This item is not new, but I only used this once. Turns out racing games aren't my thing. Still, it's a remarkably cool wheel with good FF effects.

Asking price is $50 shipped.

-= Misc PC Parts =-
Black 3.5" IDE IOMEGA Zip drive - $10
2 channel PCI slot IDE controller (4 devices total supported) - $5
D-Link DF-528 NIC (10mbit Ethernet and Coax) - $5
56k v.92 PCI modem - $5

-= PC Games =-
All games are 'like new' - in full, original retail packaging - all manuals, key cards, CDs, etc included. I keep the boxes in pristine condition (very picky collector, here). Minimum order side is $25, shipping not included. Shipping is free on orders >= $50. Can be combined with hardware items above.

American McGee's Alice - $5
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - $5
Deus Ex: Invisible War - $10
Enemy Engaged: Apache/Havoc - $5
Enemy Engaged: Comanche/Hokum - $5
Il-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles + Il-2 Sturmovik: Ace Expansion Pack - $15
Need for Speed Underground - $10
Planetside + Planetside Core Combat - $10 (you'll need to subscribe, though, the free trial period is over on these guys)
Rally Trophy - $10
Shogun: Total War - $10
Starsiege: Tribes - $10 (original box with original manual)
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - $10
Tribes 2 - $5
Tron 2.0 - $5

-= Terms =-
Minimum order size is $25, shipping not included. Shipping is free on orders >= $50 and on items specifically noted as being 'shipped' prices.

My eBay feedback is here (103-0-0). I also have a heatware account with a UID 'XanderF' - same email as above (17-0-0).

My email address is '', and I can be reached on Yahoo Instant Messenger as 'xan_fulton'.
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