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Default Re: HL2 review, 96% in PCG UK

Originally Posted by ultimate17
Is Kingdom under Fire out yet? I've had my eye on that game for almost a year...looks incredible!
It's currently slated for an October 12th release date, assuming the most recent RC they sent passes testing (apperently there were some issues with Live play with the RC from last month). I really hope it comes out on time, that would be a perfect time for the game to be released (if it comes out after Halo 2, it's screwed!).

If Half-Life 2 gives some rewards for exploring (hidden weapons, ammo, etc.) then it will take me a while to get through...
Well from what I' does seem like the areas to have a lot of hidden places in them. For example on that one Beach level that's been shown in videos and pictures, there's supposed to be several abandoned (well, abandoned by humans, anyway ) houses and overturned boats, most of which have a bit of extra ammo/health in them. Of course, you also get that jeep thing in that area, so if you aren't paying attention you could easilly drive right past them without even realising you could go in them. Personally, I'll be checking out every extra area I can get to, it's fun seeing all the extra little things in the game that most people would run past.

Strangely, even when I take the time to fully expore everything I can in a game, I still tend to beat it in the "first time through" time given by most people. So I'm expecting to beat HL2 and have found most of the "hidden" areas in around 20 hours of gameplay, which is certainly not bad by today's standards (Doom 3 took me around 15 hours, I think). But I'm hoping that there will also be some good single-player campaigns/levels for HL2, it's kinda disapointing that there were so few good maps/mods for HL1 that weren't centered on multipalyer.
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