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Default Re: black line on right side

The issue has been discussed several times for several toshiba laptops. For some reason NVIDIA drivers for the last two years always produce the black stripes. You can try editing your XF86Config and add those two lines as options, or you can extract the driver and change os-registry.c with the values you specified and install the modified driver. This is the way I usually do it. The problem is that the 6xxx series of the driver produces strange results with these changes and becomes unusable on many toshiba laptops. This means the 5xxx series is the safest bet but the 5xxx series is not compatible with the newest kernels default configuration due to the stack size. This can be avoided by compiling the kernel correctly or using an older kernel (the change should have been made around 2.6.5, I am not sure about this). I hope this helps.
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