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Default Re: Richard burns Rally demo released!!!!

Originally Posted by babyb
Hey Omega 53,

I have a Audigy with the latest drivers and to stop that popping in the left speaker just mute the midi synth in the volume control panel and that should solve the problem. I just solved that problem yesterday that plagued me in a lot of games. So give it a go and give me some feedback if it worked or not. Also download Contract jack demo and once you load the game up and get to the main menu use you mouse and going up and down over the load game new game and all the rest fast and you will here the popping sound in the left speaker only with the midi synth unchecked and when you check the mute button on it and do the same thing no popping sound, You owe me if this fixes your problem.
Cheers NINO
THANKS DUDE!!! This was seriously driving me nuts, im about to go test it out!
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