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Default Re: Geforce 6200 spec?

Maybe they're using defected chips ? I believe that 146 M transistors are a little too many for a value part.

But when the .11 u process will get past its infancy stage, the yelds are likely to rise to the point there will not be enough cores for the high volume, entry level market.

My guess is that this is only a transition stage. Probably the NV4x entry level GPU will be a 2 ROPs / 4 Pipes design with only 1 VShader and no Intellisample framebuffer compression. This would keep the transistor count down to ~70-80 milion with a much smaller die.

PS: NV41 is rumored to be a cost-effective, .11u replacement for the 6800NU with a 8/12 pipeline design and 256 bit bus; something designed to take the 250$ spot. Probably the next entry level GPU will be codenamed NV44.
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