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Default Howto contact driver developers?

Hi there!

I have am a java-developer using linux and some time ago I bought a cool nvidia card because they are known to work very well with linux.

I mainly bought it because I wanted to profit of the opengl accerlated graphics pipeline integrated in 1.5, however performance is rather low.

I asked already at SUN and they told me that SUN usses the OpenGL-Features in a quite different way that for what they are used in 3d-apps and bad written drivers dont work well.
They said they plan to contact NVIDIA to resolv issues with drivers.
The funny thing is that with ATI-Users typically see a 3x performance gain when using opengl, whereas in nvidia-cards is nearly unuseable.

Is there a way to directly contact developers, since it seems they are not looking to forums very often.

Thanks , Linuxhippy
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