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Question Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT

I recently bought a Gainward GeforceFX 5900XT on the basis of several favourable reviews. But after fitting it into my computer i have had several graphical problems in games. I explained this to the Gainward tech support people but their only advice was to upgrade the bios (no luck with that) and they aren't replying to my response.

What happens is, while playing some games (UT2004 especially, and Joint Ops:Typhoon Rising on the highest settings) certain items in the world seems to randomly flicker on and off, disapearing and reapearing. When i walk into these 'ínvisible' objects the collision still works suggesting its a graphics card issue. I have the latest nvidia drivers and bios version.

Also, some applications, notably T2 ( when run, just display a blue box, nothing is drawn inside the applications window.

Is my hardware faulty? or is this a common issue?

Id be grateful for any help

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