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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Once again. I really dont know what rocks you have been living under but this is 6 month to a year old news that CS:S would BE half life 2 multiplayer. As far as buying weapons every round... You only have to buy new weapons when you die and for a while now they have had auto buy. Based on how much money you have you just hit your auto buy key and it will load you up with weapons, ammo, armor and grenades. You can even customize the script with the weapons/items you prefer. And bunny hopping was fixed like 2 years ago or so.

As far as it just being a port over... have you seen CS: Source? If not then go download some videos. Yes the map layout is similar but thats it. EVREYTHING has been redone. The textures, skins, weapons, explosions, effects basically everything has been redone.

I am playing CS: Source with people that hated Counter-strike but they love CS:Source.
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