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Default Ut2004 Total Conversion, Star Trek:UT! WEBSITE IS UP!!

Hey guys, I'm recruiting for a MOD, if you're interested in helping, or think its a great idea post here!

Modifiction Name : Star Trek UT

Progress : No progress as of yet

Game : UT2004

Description: This is a first person shooter mod, based in the StarTrek Universe
I am looking for the following positions:

-Voice Actors
-Texture Artists
-Story writers

This is basically going to be what fans of the Elite Force Genre have been dreaming about, and will be a great, immersive experience for those who arent fans of the game or the show.

Elite force was really cool, and raven+ritual deserve a lot of credit for their fine work, but I feel that it could have been done better, we're aiming to have these gameplay elements from the start...

-Great AI
-Helpful, and responsive NPC's
-Deadly Foes
-Deep, complex storyline, moved along in game, and through cut scenes
-Really good character animations- no still moving people
-High polygon counts, and high texture quality, fully utilizing the Unreal Engine 2.5
-Some interesting puzzles
-Expansive environments
-Many elements from the Star Trek movies and shows
-Many more as development begins!

I am fairly confident I will be able to find some people willing to work on the project, because many people would love to see this kind of stuff in a First Person shooter, and would love to see a true, immersive, pulse pounding, star trek game

Please post here or shoot me a PM if you are interested in helping, or just want to show support

Also, linking this on other forums etc.. would be greatly appreciated

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