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Default How to roll-back to an earlier NVIDIA driver in Debian?

Hey all,

I've been having crashing problems with the 6111 drivers, and as such I would like to roll back to 5136. However, I have since moved to a new kernel (from 2.6.5 to 2.6.8) and so I can't just re-install the .deb package I prepared for the 5136 drivers. I need to recompile them.

Obviously I can find an older version of nvidia-kernel-source, use make-kpkg with modules_image, and build the driver. That isn't my concern. My concern is that nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-common are both at version 6111. nvidia-glx is the package containing the TLS libraries among other things, and I am unsure as to whether I can mix a 6111 nvidia-glx package with a 5136 nvidia-kernel-source driver.

One option is to use nvidia-glx-source and compile the libraries along with the driver. However, this will still be mixing 5136 driver source with 6111 library source. So, ultimately, my question is, do I need to find a 5136 version of nvidia-glx as well as the 5136 version of nvidia-kernel-source? Or am I safe using the 6111 nvidia-glx and an older 5136 version of nvidia-kernel-source? I'd really like to stay within the Debian framework if at all possible.
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