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Default Coolbits help: FX5900XT

Greetings all

I have a Gigabyte FX5900XT that runs just great except it will not keep the Coolbits overclocking settings after I've closed the Display Properties window.

I have used both the regular Coolbits and the Coolbits + with the same effect. If I keep the Properties window open, then the card overclocks without any trouble. The moment I close it, then reopen it, the clock has been reset to default, even though I check the "Apply these settings at startup" box.

I have also gone through using both the "Detect Optimal Frequencies" and manually with "Test Changes". Neither one will last once the Properties box is closed.

I'm running the latest 61.77 drivers, the BIOS on my Abit AT7-MAX2 board is current, as is the BIOS for the video card. I have 512Mb of PC2100 with an XP2200+ with XP Pro SP1.

Any ideas, suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated.
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