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Default Re: Ut2004 Total Conversion, Star Trek:UT!

I dont mean to shoot you down or anything but Ive tried making mods many times and its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to start out with ideas as big as that (believe me, I know). My suggestion would be to make a star trek style map for UT 2004 and put it on some well known websites to see if people like it. Include a text file with it that says you are interested in creating a small star trek mod. Make a few maps, and keep doing this and you might get enough attention to get some skilled people to help you. When and if you do, start small. Dont go for a huge, in depth mod. Make a few levels that are linked together. START SMALL. I cant stress that enough...

Another thing thats extremely important is that people need to know you are actually doing something yourself, or no one will help. I had a team of about 4 people working on a mod for halflife about 3 years ago but because we never had anything to show for it, we couldnt get any experience mod makers to join the team. So make some levels. And list the things that you do. IE programming, level making, modeling...

Hope that helps a little.
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