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Default Re: Ut2004 Total Conversion, Star Trek:UT!

Heh, guess that makes 3 of us that has ideas for a game mod (but mine's the most original! )

Anyway, sounds like a cool project, nice to see a mod that seems to be focuesed on single-player rather than just a glorified deathmatch. Hmm, ya know, since it seems like Nvnews has enough mod makers on it, maybe would should just assemble a "Nvnews Mod Team", and then just complete mods one after another. Would certainly be faster than assembling our own teams . Not sure what I could do though, I've only done mapping in Half-life, and the only game animation program I've used is Milkshape. But, if you could give me a few pre-boned models in Milkshape format, I could probably do animations.
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