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Default Re: Ut2004 Total Conversion, Star Trek:UT!

Well I might as well put my idea out there.


I doubt I could use the shadowrun name without catching hell, so I could just call it "cyberpunk" or something similar.

I dont think itd be that hard really. Simple stat and "karma" system mixed with classes and races. Itd be first person, action\RPG\adventure... have a few single player levels, and multiplayer levels (starting small of course!). Multiplayer would be more difficult i guess, because you couldnt save, but single player would be great.

Ive never played the P&P game, so itd be based on the computer games (SNES and Genesis). My interest in this has grown a LOT recently. I just played through the Genesis version over the past month and i love that game. And over the past 2 days i played the SNES version... also an amazing game. Both are my top console games of all time. Id mix the features\gameplay of the two, and stick it in a first person perspective.

The way I see it, half-life 2 will already have most of what id need to make city levels (texture and object wise), so the levels wouldnt be too difficult.

Anyway, for those that dont know. Shadowrun is the heart and soul of cyberpunk. Near future, usually based in seattle, elves, dwarves, trolls, humans, orks... magic, technology, cybernetic enhancements (cyberware), hackers(deckers)... even native american folk lore and shamanism. Its an absolutely amazing setting. I cant wait to start putting the ideas to use.

I searched before i wrote this and didnt see any other active shadowrun mods for any other games. I found a few projects that seem to be dead. One for unreal tournament and one for half-life... niether have been updated in a while. So we wouldnt be copying anyone besides the original makers of shadowrun (FASA), which are now GONE.

For those worried about legal issues:
Wiz Kids owns the rights to the Shadowrun name and card game, and I believe Microsoft bought the electronic game rights to shadowrun.

Anyone interested in helping or know of anyone who would be, please contact me via PM.

BTW, sorry for thread hijacking... but ive loved Shadowrun since i first played it in 1994... Shadowrun for SNES mentioned Shadowrun 2 at the end. It never came... so maybe I can make it myself
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