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Default Re: Ut2004 Total Conversion, Star Trek:UT!

Heh, you never even played the PnP Shadowrun game? Well that certainly sounds like an interesting idea, and admitedly not one I haven't considered myself (although more in the form of "if they made a new Shadowrun games it should be like this" kinda way). I've played the PnP RPG quite a bit and it sounds like a decent project, if you do want any help with it (mainly in the form of animation and maybe some mapping) let me know. Just as long as we actually DO something with it, rather than just let a bunch of half-made maps sit on our computers until the end of eternity.

Which reminds me...I wonder what happened to that Resident Evil: The Escape mod I worked on a long time ago...last I heard one of the members was planning a hostile takeover. Yeah, that project was a bit...unstable
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