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Default Re: Pixel shader position switcheroo in 3dMark05...

I feel the same,
Ive seen only overcloked Ultras and GT's get 5K+ scores, n some x800 pros scorin more than an ultra runnin at stock speeds. I guess this has to be related with the core frequency. Higher the core frequency.. higher the score in ,05'.
Even the highest scoring XTPE was cloked at 806MHz core.. whereas the 2 Sli Ultras wer cloked at stock 400 each...
I really dont understand wheather the results are PS bound or FillRate Bound.

Enlighten me if i am wrong!

Btw i scored 3915 with mah MSI GT at stock speed. usin 61.77 drivers
With my rig not even attaining 4k is sad, bad & is drivin me mad.
I dont bleve in oc'ing of mah card coz all the games are runnin absolutely great on stock speeds of my card.
Ocing of mah processor didnt make shi* difference.
it wuldnt hav made any diff anyways, coz ive read the P4 is defeating the athlon64 ... lol thats more than funny.
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