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Thumbs up Tropical Sea... DirectX7 style

I'm sure a few of you guys have tried the UT2004 bonus pack. Among the maps there's ONS-IslandHop which sports one of the best water ever seen in a game... considering that it is entirely done only with a few blended textures.

No real time reflections or exotic pixel shaders effects (the Unreal Engine 2 uses shaders only to reduce the number of passes in heavily multitextured areas) but even on a NV10 class of GPU the water looks really fantastic.

As long as mappers and programmers can pull this stuff out of a 3 years old engine, I can live without the latest pice of hardware (which is already old the day I purchase it). Now, I'm really looking forward to play Pariah which will probably push the Unreal Engine 2 to its limit.
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