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Default Re: TIGER Woods 2005 CRASH to desktop

Originally Posted by oxydius
With a new POV 6800 GT, the game crash/ return to the desktop at the begining of the loading sequence.
Can someone help me?

Tried with 61.77 and 66.81, same bug...

And no overclock.
Other games run fine!

Thanks for any ideas/help

Sorry for my bad english
Sounds like you might be crashing while the intro video is trying to play.

If so, find your TW2005 shortcut on your desktop and/or taskbar. Right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties". Click on the very end of:

"C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005\Bin\TW2005.exe"

**Assuming you installed to the C: drive**

Then add a space after the ", then type:


Your Target should now read:

"C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005\Bin\TW2005.exe" /NOINTRO

Then click OK.

Try to launch the game again.

I have a 6800 Ultra and have not seen your particular issue once in alpha/beta testing with the above mentioned drivers and in the release version this issue has not existed.

Hope this helps. If not, I recommend a complete uninstall/reinstall because the game has been rock-solid for me with the 6800GT I had before I traded in for the 6800 Ultra.

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