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Default Re: Size Matter? (5900)

Fixed it!

Turns out when i took off all the ram and HSF, the thermal 'adhesive' they used to stick the fan onto the core held it tighter than those little black spring loaded clips. So whe i cracked off the adhesive, the core wasnt getting proper contact and in turn, was getting to hot.

Trip to lowes for some 4-40x3/4 machine screws and nuts (+washers) got things really tightened down. So much that the core dropped 20*C from before with the springs and 10*C from the original setup.

~50* turned to ~60* when i broke the thermal adhesive.
~60*turned to ~40* after the machine bolts/nuts.

Sweet! Now i don't have to buy another card.

If anyone follows my idea of machine screws, be mindful not to OVERtighten. Unlike breaking off the screws of a NVsilencer, you will crack your CARD in half. I at first was going to tighten until it got tough but i noticed the card was slightly bending some! So i backed off and all is good.

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