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Default Re: Keyboard and mouse bad or good for X-Box live?

I'm on the phone with MS right now,anyone who loves XBL as we know it should call 18004MYXBOX and let them know how you feel about this XBL destroying device
Anyone who does not understand the magnitude of this is simply stupid IMO,whatever now you M/K players can own XBL all to yourselves and force everyone else to quit playing FPS because of a controller that "doubles your hit rate
I think these two think its the end of the world.

Originally Posted by pingspike
quit whining and just get better. or buy it, no reason to be a childish little stickler because somebody is pwning you with a kb and mouse. if i remember correctly i used to get pwned on quaker 3 for the DC because i didnt have a mouse and kb, but then i got better..... cry xbud
**** you dickhead you are the typical asswhipe aggogant pukes that make me sick.
Get better you say!! well it's impossiple to get better than a MK that allows you to "double your hit rate in all tested FPS"
You think it's soo great that nobody using a controler willever be able to play on a fair playing fired again on XBL.
**** you and the horse you rode in on you arrogant self centered **** you just can't see the the other way can you **** face.
You give the typical bull**** line like all the other ****ers that want to ruin XBL for anyone not using a MK,"quit whining" "get some skills" you know what ****er there is no way anyone can ever get the skills to match a "double hit rate controller".
You can spin your **** anyway you want asswhipe but it does not cange the fact that once this product is released everyone using a controller on XBL FPS is offically nothing but cannon fodder and the only ones who can compete at all must use the MK.
So keep spinning your **** all you want but this is esencially a cheat device for XBL since it gives a clear and decided advantage to anyone who uses it.

That thread is hilarious, it's like the end of the world over there. I say give em hell.
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