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Default Re: hl2 is looking good

Originally Posted by Slybri
Anybody think the new NOV 23 release date going around is valid?
Releasing a game two days before thanksgiving is pretty crazy, what with everyone flying to grandma's house, but I guess they want plenty of copies on shelves for the day after turkey day.

I've already scheduled the week off. Hope I aiin't wasting vacation time.

WOnder if they serve turkey in city 17?

I think over @ gamespot they said the nov.23rd date was false in their weekly rumors mill column....not sure tho...Sure would be sweet to have it right before Thanksgiving....sit down to some turkey and some HL2 I remember Zelda: OOT came out around thanksgiving and it was good times...nice memories...I loved 1998 now that I think of it...good games, good wrestling...still in highschool the corner of my miiiiiind.....
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