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Default Re: HL2 review, 96% in PCG UK

Sorry not impressed. Those screenshots looked dated. Badly.

I don't trust the reviews either.


Unified lighting is the future I think. Anything with out it now looks dated. The 'new' HL2 screenshots would have looked good a year and half ago, but now they look like q2 with higher res textures and few shaders for water and that magnifing glass.

I will say the faces look really good and detailed and if they actually pulled of the lipsinking as they claimed then it will easily be the most impressive feature of the engine. ( which is not really saying much though ).

Gravity gun sounds like fun, a gimmick, but it sounds like it's the gimmick that 'makes the game fun'. I mean really, so some guy runs out and starts shooting at you, so you shout "hold on a sec, just let me use this gravity gun to suck that radiator of the wall to use as a shield". So assuming it has enough power to rip the thing of the wall and bring it hurtling toward you, does it then reverse the field so you don't get flattened by it? I guess the AI is coded to miss you for the first 5 seconds or so to give to time to suck some piece of furniture to use as a shield.

I'm still looking forward to playing with a gravity gun in Doom3, just for laughs. Someone already has a working prototype able to pull physics objects and bodies towards the player and then throw them again.
The vechicals will be fun too ( I played the leaked HL2 non-alpha, non-alpha because it whould have to be a lot closer to compelte to be an alpha, as in it still needed another year. ), looking forward to the Doom3 SDK with it's promised map with vechical support.
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