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Default Re: Best Pic comparison of Doom 3 VS HL2 evar!!!

Originally Posted by Omega53
I saw this over at rage3d and just had to post this here. By far the best descriptive pic of Doom 3 vs HL2 I have ever seen lol.

It's funny because the Doom3 car looks bright and flashy and the HL2 car looks dark sleek.

I'd say it was the other way round.

Doom3 is dark ( on purpose so get over it!!! ) and has great lighting/shadows and very high levels of detail.
HL2 looks flat ( based on recent screenshots ) and flashy ( based on stress test shader examples ).

BTW: What was the point of the StressTest? just to prove that Source engine can use Pixel shaders? maybe it was to counter the fact that most ( ie any shots without water ) screenshots from the game look bland and flat like Q2 with higher res textures.

Omega53: I think I've seen you post this a number of times before:

Well this thread has a picture and it's worthless. Someone please create us another smiley
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