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Default Re: HL2 review, 96% in PCG UK

Originally Posted by Vash
Was it really necessary to post exactly the same thing in two threads (albeit slightly expanded here)?

If you think all that HL2's got going for it is the gravity gun, then I think it likely that you'll be pleasantly surprised. Or feel completely vindicated, depending how much you like to troll. But by all means, please, save your money if you think it's going to bite the big one.
Never sure which thread to post in when two thread end up with the subjects.

I intend to wait for a demo and some real reviews(ie review by people with nothing to gain from a good review - which mag will get the exclusive playable demo first ? ) before deciding to buy HL2 or now.

I try not to be a troll but I've been reading so many posts in various places about how the Source engine so great and will be the best etc with no real evidence. Those bink movies look cool but in pure CG terms can anyone honestly say the graphics ( ie rendering engine ) looked better than the Doom3 trailer?

I won't be surprised if HL2 has better gameplay than Doom3 ( I loved doom3 - a straight fps - lots of demons to shoot in a stunningly detailed environment - or just a series of dark corridors, I know a lot of people can't see past that but that's their problem not mine. )
I've not tried HL2's gameplay yet and nor has anyone else ( accepts a few mag previewers and publishers QA team ).

I had fun with the gravity gun and the buggy in the leaked devsnapshot, it's not possible to draw any gameplay details from that version because it didn't have any, just a few scripted events in the e3 levels( a shame valve claimed at the time those events weren't scripted ).

If, after it actually hits stores, enough people sing it's praises and I like the demo - then I'll buy it. What I don't buy is any of the hype that so many other people seem to take as fact.
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